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Nutrigenomics Services Available


Opening Hours 

09:00h - 21:00h
Monday to Friday

10:00h - 18:00h
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays


Vale do Lobo Wellness Centre

Tel: +351 289 353 480

Treatments Brochure 

Nutrition Service/Dietary Consultations

Consultation • €85,00 | Follow-up • €70,00This service provides basic dietary advice and guidance for wellness and disease prevention.

Healthy Aging Screen (26 genes)

Consultation, DNA screen and follow-up • €2.400,00A highly comprehensive report that looks at all aspects of health and any risks. It can identify susceptibilities to: Bone health, Vitamin B metabolism, Salt sensitivity, Detoxification, Antioxidant status, Insulin sensitivity, Brain health, Lipid metabolism & heart health, risk for Hypertension and Risk for stroke.

DNA Diet screen (8 genes)

Consultation, DNA screen and follow-up • €700,00Aimed at individuals who are looking to lose weight in the most effective way. In addition it looks at specific genes that identify which exercise your genetic make up is most suited to. The screen looks at polymorphisms involved in Lipid metabolism and absorption, insulin sensitivity and exercise preference.

DNA Screen + Health (combined)

Consultation, DNA screen and follow-up • €1.350,00