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About us

The Algarve’s cherished lifestyle destination and a true one-of-a-kind resort.

There is nowhere else like Vale do Lobo. Its incredible natural beauty is thanks to its ocean frontage, golden sands, and ancient pine trees.

But then there are the myriad elements that have been added over the decades to fulfil and inspire everyone who spends time here. The Vale do Lobo that awaits you today is a place dedicated to the good things in life.

Our Values

The four beliefs that make Vale do Lobo unique

Human Connection

We cultivate a sense of belonging and togetherness.
It’s felt when families bond by sharing quality time. It’s in the moment when friends meet for a run, a meal or to enjoy an event. It’s happening when neighbours wave to each other as they pass by. And it’s there when we reach by. And it’s there when we reach out to support owners and holidaymakers, and when our many specialist teams collaborate to create the ultimate resort experience.

Effortless living

Everything we do has one aim: to ensure our owners and guests’ only worry is how to spend their precious time. Our Proprietor’s Club services are the key to carefree ownership. The safety and security measures we take are peace of mind. And the seamless, unobtrusive way our maintenance teams carry out their tireless work is the mark of our dedication to ease and a trouble-free experience.

Honed expertise

We have been practising and perfecting service since 1962. As the first-ever Portuguese resort, we have long experience. Above all, we’ve learnt that owners and guest needs come first and that their respect and trust is earned professionalism, diligence and dedication to exceptionally high standards. The level of confidence and skill we apply to managing and evolving resort life is second nature to us.

Endless enrichment

Our incredible, multi-dimensional location enables us to generate ideas, curate experiences and craft events. The energy behind this creativity is born out of our understanding of our owners and guests; their love of life inspires us. Whether it’s appreciating our stunning, protected nature, the challenge of fitness, the soulfulness of wellbeing, the joy of entertainment, or immersion in local culture – it’s all there to magnify the wonder of being alive.

Our history

Founded in 1962 by Trusthouse Forte plc and Costain plc, both well-known multi-nationals, Vale do Lobo was the first development in the Algarve.

It had a huge impact, as it was only after the establishment of Vale do Lobo, Dona Filipa Hotel and our first golf course that Faro International Airport was opened.

The next chapter began when Sander van Gelder, a Dutch entrepreneur, discovered Vale do Lobo during a holiday in the mid-1970s. Recognising its potential, he bought the resort and moved to Portugal in 1977.

Then, in 2006, Vale do Lobo entered a new era when it was bought by a group of investors including Portugal’s largest bank, Caixa Geral de Depósitos.

Recently, it has become part of ECS Capital, Portugal’s largest investment fund, and is set to continue life as the largest luxury resort of its kind in Portugal, recognised as one of the best resorts in Europe.

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