Nogueira Lopes Exhibition at Vale do Lobo

"Figurantes" contemporary sculpture exhibition at the Vale do Lobo Art Gallery 3rd February until 8th June 2017

Vale do Lobo will feature a collection of art works from the acclaimed contemporary sculptor Nogueira Lopes during the upcoming Figurantes exhibition held between 3rd February and 8th June 2017.

“Figurantes” is the latest exhibition at the Vale do Lobo Art Gallery and features a selection from a collection of wooden sculptures depicting human faces with abstract elements.

Artist Nogueira Lopes was born in Pombal, Portugal in 1959 and has had a long and successful career which began with him attending the Fine Arts University in Lisbon where he was influenced by the acclaimed professor Lagoa Henriques. He began exhibiting in 1977 and has had his works shown not only across Portugal, but also in Angola, Brazil and in England.

His sculptures explore the different perceptions of the human face through the use of various different woods of differing thicknesses and sizes to create contrasts between light and shadow.

The pieces that make up the Figurantes series explore the blurred lines of the human face combined with striking geometric shapes to create dramatic and thoughtful pieces.

The exhibition provides the ideal opportunity for visitors to the Algarve to be able to sample a selection of contemporary art by an acclaimed Portuguese artist.

The Nogueira Lopes exhibition, organised in collaboration with the Galeria São Mamede, will be open to the public from 3rd February until 8th June, Monday to Friday from 09:00h to 18:00h. A full programme of events at Vale do Lobo is available from the Resort Reception.

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