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Vale do Lobo is the premier location for football training camps!

Vale do Lobo really is a footballer’s playground – its exclusive location, unrivalled facilities and services, attention to detail and sporting expertise have made it the first choice for a number of premier league and international football teams.

The resort has extensive knowledge and experience in providing personalised training camps with a highly flexible and dedicated approach. Its location in the sun-blessed Algarve and diverse leisure amenities make it perfect for players to bring their families, allowing them to combine off-season training with a family  holiday.

It is this perfect balance of relaxation with exercise combined with a refreshing change of scenery, that has worked wonders for the energy and motivation of a number of high-profile teams; including Real Madrid, Manchester United, Sunderland, Cardiff City and the England National team, among others.

Football practice made easy!


Location: Vale do Lobo
Tel.: (+ 351) 289 353 322


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