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Running & Walking

Explore the Vale do Lobo resort along our dedicated running/walking paths, the ideal way to keep fit and have fun with the entire family.

We host series of activities ranging from a simple Resort Discovery walk and right into running training or trailrunning events prepared and guided by a professional coach. 


Running is one of the most efficient physical exercises for those who want to lose weight healthily.

Running speeds up your metabolism, making calorie burning more efficiently.

The increase in metabolism, as result of running, causes the body to continue accelerating for a few more hours after exercise. Therefore, is not only during the race that there is fat burning.

That is why regularity of physical activity are so important, and not the amount of hours spent working out in the same day.


In the weekly running experiences, duly accompanied by a professional teacher, several technical components of running are covered.

Ramps (continuous hills), long run, progressive run, interval (interval run) and also Fartlek (involving varying your pace throughout the run, alternating between fast segments and slow jogs). At the end and / or at the beginning, stretching and prevention exercises are performed to prevent race injuries.

The remaining experiences at the resort are an excellent addition to the runner, as you can always do a variety of work outs to improve your performance. This experience usually lasts one hour and starts at the resort reception.


An experience that usually happens on a monthly basis, aims to have a closer contact with nature, in the way that the runner most appreciates - the run.

This experience also aims to show the greener and nature parts present in the Vale do Lobo resort.

This experience usually lasts 1 hour and starts at the resort reception.


Not all experiences should have a high cardiovascular or joint impact.

The Resort Discovery Walk, has as main objective to be physical activity in contact with nature without excessive impact, both in joints and cardiovascular.

Therefore, it is an experience for all who wish to participate. This walking lasts one hour, starts at the resort reception and has a 6km long circular extension, throughout the most emblematic areas of Vale do Lobo.

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