Alex: The brave dog

Known as Alex Xavier, and only Alex to friends. Blind and deaf at birth, he was abandoned at the age of just one and a half months in a cardboard box by the roadside in Spain. The animal was found by a local institution and for seven months eagerly awaited a family to adopt him, until the day it was adopted by a member of the ARA institution, in love with animals with special needs. There are more ways to communicate, other than just through vision and hearing. Alex feels love like all other animals and is an animal in love with people, other animals, the sea and life in general. Currently he lives with other animals, dogs and cats, whenever he travels by car he is delirious with the feeling of his head to the wind, walks on a leash always relying on those who walk him. Every time he walks on the beach, his free spirit reveals itself even more.

In his house, where he already knows everything, he circulates without hitting anything, and does everything the same as his able bodied companions, which makes him even more special in the eyes of those who take care of him daily. At this moment, Alex is still looking for a family to adopt and cherish him, because as they say: "what the eyes do not see, the heart does not feel".

Many animals are still waiting to be adopted at ARA – ANIMAL RESCUE ALGARVE. During July, about 24 new animals were rescued at risk, and about 21 animals were adopted.

Remember, you can change Alex's life or another animal like him!