Breathwork: The Power of Breathing


Have you ever wondered about the power of breathing?

The way you breathe has a direct influence on your health, happiness and wellbeing, as well as your inner balance. Although it is essential to our existence, we don’t always reflect on how our breathing contributes to us leading a fuller life, bringing energy into our bodies, minds and spirits. Learning to breathe consciously is one of the teaching points covered in this Breathwork Activity. In the session, participants will use different breathing methods to discover a robust process through which to improve their physical and emotional health, as well as how to create a connection with their vital energy, thus building inner peace. A way in which to learn to listen to your body’s needs and relieve the pressure of daily stresses.


Find out more about the two special guests who run this workshop:



Matylda is a Breath Coach and Psychologist and co-founder of the Follow the Breath group in London. The group’s mission is to empower people to better their lives and personal wellbeing through body exercises and reconnecting with their breathing. Matylda has a deep-rooted belief in the importance of breathing as what guides our energy and mind, improving our lives. She currently lives in Lisbon, where she runs retreats focused on breathing techniques in idyllic places, specialising in these experiences.



Miriam Vieira, who goes by Mia Le Fay, runs the Meditation and Heart Connection experiences in Vale do Lobo. From an early age, she became interested in people, taking her down the Psychology route, along which she studied Clinical Psychology, and later, Educational Psychology. In 2010, Mia came across the world of Reiki thanks to her constant restlessness and interest in different, harmonious subjects within her area of expertise. Well-versed in many areas, her qualifications include several oriental therapies, such as Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Physiotherapy.

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