Experiences on offer from July

We are pleased to announce that we have developed a selection of #MEANINGFULLIVING experiences to ensure that your time in Vale do Lobo reflects the true essence of #RESORTLIVING, in line with the latest developments and requirements of our “new normal”, of course. The new activities set to take place over the next few months aim to not only ensure that you stay physically active, but also that you reconnect with the nature that surrounds us, providing you with the true emotional inspiration you need to let your creativity soar. We hope these experiences will provide our community with a relaxed pathway into a healthier lifestyle, tweaking our daily habits and routines to achieve a renewed sense of fullness and wellbeing - everything you need to experience a new, exciting way of life, in total tranquillity. These experiences will take place in more intimate, personal sessions, held mostly outdoors, to allow you to feel safe and welcome, while providing you with all the attention you deserve.


3K WALK: Setting out from the tourist reception, this 1-hour walk will take you on a journey of the ins and outs of the resort like never before.

PILATES: Centre yourself and reawaken every inch of your body with concentration and control, flow and precision, and your own, essential,

9K RUN: Let our instructor guide you from the tourist reception, along a carefully chosen track with an elevation of 120m as you challenge yourself to keep to 6min/ km.

TRAIL RUN: Strike out in search of new landscapes, fresh angles from which to see the resort and hidden trails as you jog together with other community members.

20K MTB TRAIL: Ride with other resort members who share your energy, pushing further, together, as the instructor leads the way on this hour-long scape.

INDOOR CYCLE: The group spirit of an indoor cycling class is palpable and undoubtedly addictive. Music blaring at the same intensity as your legs pump is the only way to fully take advantage of this high-intensity class.

HIT: High-intensity Interval Training combines periods of high-intensity exercises with recovery periods that allow you to push your body further.

PUMP: Get lean, feel toned and burn calories with scientifically backed exercises demonstrated by a trained instructor, not to mention the group spirit that will have you pushing yourself harder and going further, taking your body to its limits.

BOOTCAMP: Make the most of the outdoors as you get involved in circuits, weight training and teamwork, to build muscle and get you moving in the best possible way. High-intensity exercises lead by a trained instructor are perfect for getting your heart racing, blood pumping and endorphins releasing—all at our very own Fitness Centre.

YOGA: Reconnect with yourself on a deeper level as you bring your focus to the here and now. The physical, emotional and mental benefits of yoga have been talked about for decades, but it’s only when you feel it in your own skin that you’ll start improving your quality of life, pose by pose, breath by breath.

50K MTB TRAIL: From beaches with rolling trails taking you across miles of clifftops to winding mountain roads snaking in and out of inland valleys, the landscape changes in a heartbeat, keeping you constantly on your toes. An adventure you won’t believe only lasted 3 hours, this group activity will take you from the tourist reception out, into the unknown.

SOUNDBATH: In this sound journey, your body and lymphatic, endocrine and immune systems are massaged through the power of music, which affects your body directly, acting on cells and organs, and indirectly, affecting emotions, influencing body processes and creating emotional and mental changes.

SUN SALUTATIONS: Start your day with reverence for the sun and harness its life-giving energy. Balance your body mind and soul with each position, allowing power and creative energy to flow from the sun into your being as you reflect upon the heavens, the earth, all the life nourished in between and the part you play in all of it, finding your own balance in the world.

ENERGETIC MEDICINE: In this one-hour session, participants will learn and practice different energy methods, helping them remain rooted throughout the day, allowing energy to flow freely throughout our bodies.

GARDENING: On those perfect summer’s days when the sun is shining, and a soft breeze tussles the lighter branches of the trees, there’s nothing quite like being out in the garden to enjoy it. Both relaxing and rewarding, no previous experience is necessary for this workshop, which is suitable for all the family.

OUTDOOR FUNCTIONAL TRAINING: A class packed with high-intensity exercises, the focus is mainly on using your own body weight to gain speed, strength and fitness with the support of a group who are always there to cheer you onwards.


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