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Get on your bike!

Smart Bikes have come to Vale do Lobo with InfraLobo launching a new electric bike sharing service at various locations around the resort.

The environmentally friendly bikes can be found at the Parque do Golfe, by the Praça, at the Vale do Lobo Tennis Academy and at the Pingo Doce supermarket at the entrance to the resort.

The idea behind the bikes is to encourage visitors, property owners and guests to travel between key areas of the resort using this green solution. Not only should this help to cut down on car and bus use but it will also help to control parking levels.

To use the bikes there is an app available for download where you can register, unlock your bike, keep track of your rides and check on bike availability at the different stations. Users can alternatively sign up to use the bikes online.

For further information about the Smart Bikes in Vale do Lobo and how to use them, please visit https://bike.infralobo.pt/

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