A life filled with meaning #valedoloboexperience

October promises to bring more surprises at the resort with an extensive programme of experiences and activities specially designed for all manner of tastes. One of the brand-new activities on our events calendar, scheduled for the 10th October, is the Breathwork experience. Never-before-seen at the resort, participants of this workshop will learn breathing techniques that aim to improve their wellbeing. Another fantastic new activity you can look forward to this autumn is the return of our Aquatherapy classes at the Royal Spa, which start on the 20th October. Guided by a qualified physiotherapist, these classes will follow all the applicable health and safety regulations, to ensure
the participants securtity. Now onto golf, where an innovative activity has been scheduled for the 19th and 20th October; the Golf Swing Mechanical Analysis. This activity, which is aimed at golf players, is a method used to study participants’ swings. Sensors will be placed on participants’ bodies, producing a report that will allow them to correct their movements through biofeedback. The report is forwarded to the golf coach, who gets right down to fixing each payer’s swing. A comprehensive analysis that is sure to help improve your sports skills.

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