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Parallel Art at Vale do Lobo Artistic Space

With a 12 year International and National career in Interior Design & Architecture, JOANA FERREIRA D’ALMEIDA has worked in Africa, Europe and Asia. Born in Lisbon but with part of her childhood spent in Northern Portugal, the designer recalls her discovery of the artistic world, fascination triggered by her grandfather, Lawyer and art collector Dr. Silva Ferreira. As a girl, she remembers visiting several ateliers of family friends, and contacting with artists such as Guilherme Parente, Martins Correia and the ceramist Artur José. Living in the Algarve since 2017, the interior designer currently leads the Creative Department of Tendenza Studio, where she dedicates herself to the creation of luxury residential spaces and where she anchors her experience and sensitivity. Master in Balinese Tropical Architecture by ESAD de Matosinhos and specialist in environments that celebrate the best of indoor and outdoor spaces, Joana Ferreira d’Almeida adds to her work her unique vision, projecting lively and provocative spaces, designed for a sensorial and emotional experience.


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