Proprietors' Club – Your family abroad

 Enjoy peace of mind, security, integrated services and exclusive discounts when becoming a member of the Vale do Lobo Proprietors' Club.

Property Owners in Vale do Lobo are able to have complete peace of mind with membership of the Proprietors' Club, a dedicated service designed to cover every element of owning a property in the resort while offering exclusive management services for homes and gardens.

Services at the Proprietors' Club include account management, housekeeping, garden, pool or jacuzzi maintenance, alarm and additional security services, telephone and internet services, insurance and refurbishment options.

The Proprietors' Club also provides the perfect platform for new owners to integrate into the community, organising a number of regular activities and events year-round.

Whether you choose to live in your property all year round, use it for holidays, or are looking to rent out a property to increase your return on investment, the Vale do Lobo Property Management service is able to remove all the stress from owning a property abroad.

The Vale do Lobo team provides a comprehensive range of property management services focused on caring for your home as if it were our own.

Our experience and quality levels are brought to all aspects of our wide ranging services, providing you peace of mind and the freedom for you, your guests and family to enjoy your property stress-free, as we maintain the highest levels of customer and maintenance service at all times.

Tailor made services from teams of highly qualified professionals within the resort allow for every element of your time in Vale do Lobo to be managed with care, dedication and an exceptional level of professionalism.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a property within the resort, require seamless management of your property for rentals, are wanting to draw on the unrivalled skills of the construction and property maintenance teams to build the property of your dreams, or to upgrade an existing home; we are able to provide expertise and help at every stage.

Vale do Lobo also offers a property maintenance service, providing professional solutions to all your home maintenance needs.

Allow the team to keep your swimming pool and Jacuzzi in top working order, to maintain your garden and to provide year round housekeeping and villa supervision including alarm installation, monitoring and security services.