Our response to COVID-19: prioritizing wellbeing of our residents, staff & guests. #SafeResortLiving
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Resort mobility

Because we value our community’s comfort and wellbeing, we’ve made sure that various mobility and parking options are available throughout the summer. Among the solutions provided are the Resort Shuttle and the Loulé Concelho Global priced parking.For all Vale do Lobo card holders (Resort Members, Family, Guest or Welcome) the service is available ‘on call’ at +351 289 353 355 (ext.3355). This way of travel covers the entire resort and you don’t have to concern about parking! At the Praça and Tenis stops there is also an intercom for direct and free
calls to the operator. We respect all hygiene and safety measures inaccordance with current regulations. Also available in some areas of the resort is the Loulé Concelho Global priced parking service, which this year give the first 15 minutes free of charge. For general assistance and questions related to this service, visit the kiosk near the Vale do Lobo Praça or speak with an operator through our ‘on call’ service. The parking payment solutions include parking meters featuring contactless technology and visa payment, as well as several other digital solutions, which include applications such as iParque mobile and Via Verde Estacionar. If you wish, according to your needs, you can also apply for a weekly, monthly or resident permit, and there is also a change machine for everyone’s convenience.