Take care of your skin with a mineral salt bath

To help us do so, Cristina Pedro, Vale do Lobo’s Royal Spa Manager & Physiotherapist, has given us some advice on how to improve our skin vitality – by using mineral salt bath immersion One of the greatest benefits of a magnesium and salt bath immersion is the way in which it smooths rough or dry skin, giving you pain relief and reducing of edema in inflammatory conditions such as psoriatic arthritis, eczema and lupus. After you’ve done a saline bath, you should feel a significant reduction in other inflammatory signs such as roughness and redness. This final result demonstrates just how efficient bathing with salt can be, as well as how tolerant our body is to these methods, improving skin function and hydration while reducing dryness and inflammation.

The healing and cleansing properties of magnesium salts are well-known thanks to their close connection to water and their direct influence on epidermal proliferation and differentiation, while also contributing to improving skin permeability. It should also be noted that low levels of magnesium have a direct impact on reducing swelling, stiffness and pain, as well as contributing to muscle relaxation, reducing muscle spasms and improving our overall mood. In fact, these benefits all help us understand why, as a society, we believe that swimming in the sea has miraculous, relaxing powers!