Our response to COVID-19: prioritizing wellbeing of our residents, staff & guests. #SafeResortLiving
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Turismo de Portugal News on Travel

Following the statement released by the Portuguese Government about British tourists being allowed into Portugal, we’d like to share some important information released by Turismo de Portugal. As a result of the recent authorisation granted by the Portuguese Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, British tourists were allowed into Portugal as of the 17th May. Among the requirements established, one is for tourists to take an RTPCR test 72h before departing from their country of origin. The Portuguese National Tourism Office has been ensuring that the
testing capacity in Portugal will meet tourist demand while also working on expanding and renewing the Clean & Safe seal for 2021-22 (www.portugalcleanandsafe.com) to include the entire tourism chain, comprising over 22,400 registered companies and more than 23,000 trained professionals. They believe that doing so is contributing another level of trust and transparency to the strategy implemented in Portugal to manage the pandemic. The United Kingdom is one of the biggest contributors to Portuguese tourism, and we are happy to welcome you back to our resort.