Our response to COVID-19: prioritizing wellbeing of our residents, staff & guests. #SafeResortLiving
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Vale do Lobo COVID-19 update | 01/04/2021

Early spring has already brought to us warmer weather, colourful flowers in bloom and longer days. We also welcome in positive news of gradual lifting of containment measures and return to our usual effortless resort lifestyle.

While the national emergency state is still in force until 15th April, the risk of contagion of COVID-19 continues to decrease in the Loulé council.

There were 45 new cases (based on the sum of new cases in the last 14 days per 100,000 inhabitants) announced on 29th March, keeping the council in the lowest level.

A long awaited roadmap to lifting the containment measures in Portugal has now been set. Once again, it will follow a phased plan with 4 phases to assure reassessment of the results every 15 days.

Read the full details below:

These positive announcements will impact our resort life with the gradual reopening of activities

With this in mind, more activities return to the resort. We have already reopened the Real Estate Office at Parque do Golfe, Victor Picardo Hairstyling Group and Garrafeira Soares at the Shopping Centre.

From the 5th of April, low risk individual sports, outdoor restaurant areas and shops will reopen:

 Ocean & Royal Golf Courses  Spikes Restaurant  Nevada Bob's Golf  Partee Mini-Golf
 Tennis Academy  U&Co Restaurant  VDL Concept Store  Aderita’s Artistic Space
 Fitness Centre      
 Pilates Studio      
 CLASSES (limited capacity):      
 Running training      
 Low pressure fitness      

We continue with Vale do Lobo experience @home series including regular online classes and special workshops. Some activities and events slowly return to the resort. Check our calendar HERE.

From 26th April, the Royal Spa reopens its 2 outdoor treatment rooms (Bungalows), Monday to Friday, from 09:30h to 18:00h, and on the weekend of 01st and 02nd May it closes at 13:00h.

At Vale do Lobo, we continue working hard to ensure everyone in our community maintains a positive mindset. With spring comes the fresh energy of new life and new beginnings. Soon, we’ll be together again to celebrate everything life has to offer. With that image in mind, we’re pushing on, looking to the future with confidence and optimism.

We look forward to seeing you soon.