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Vale do Lobo residents are in excellent company, enjoying a likeminded community where it feels good to belong.

Vale do Lobo is a place alive with a strong community spirit made vibrant by the many families that have made their home within the resort. There is something for all ages to enjoy throughout the year, which means there is no off-season period. We are open and welcoming 365 days of the years with the sun shining on most of them.

This is a unique and special place where people enjoy the exclusivity of a private resort with the inclusivity of a warm and welcoming neighbourhood.

It’s a lifestyle loved by many 

There is so much more to owning at Vale do Lobo than your property itself. You become part of a group of discerning individuals bonded by a strong sense of camaraderie and the potential of networking. Events and occasions take place throughout the year to ensure there are always opportunities for residents and guests to meet and celebrate life together.

And there is always a sense of being serviced and supported. Tailor-made services from our highly qualified teams mean that every element of your time in Vale do Lobo is managed with care, dedication and an exceptional level of professionalism.

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