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Infralobo E.M - Public Services 


Company responsible for the public services
within the resort.

Vale do Lobo is able to maintain the exceptionally high standards of the resort by working together with Infralobo E.M., a company partly owned by the local Loulé Council.

All property owners pay a Public Services fee to Infralobo, E.M. to contribute to the operation, maintenance, cleaning and conservation of the resort.  This payment covers roads, footpaths, access ways and adjacent areas, common areas and parking zones, beach cleaning, treatment and pumping stations for sewage networks, water supply and sewerage system networks, public sanitary installations and fire hydrants and public, domestic and garden refuse collection.

Invoices are issued on a monthly basis together with the monthly water consumption charge.

Location: Rua das Palmeiras, Vale do Lobo
Timetable: Monday - Friday | 09:00h - 17:30h
E-mail: geral@infralobo.pt
Tel.: (+ 351) 289 352 430 | Emergency Team: (+351) 918 201 783
Website: www.infralobo.pt

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