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Events | 30 Jan, 2020

1st Mindful Movement Class

Venue: Vale do Lobo Auditorium

It has been scientifically proven that physical and mental exercise promotes wellbeing, longevity and mental health. For this reason, head down to the Strauss Room of the Vale do Lobo Auditorium on the 30th January, for a mindfulness session with soothing views over the outdoor garden.

This session, run by Mindfulness and Yoga teacher Per Norrgren, the Director of Training and Founder of inMindSight, on the last Thursday of the month is one you won’t want to miss.

This session will aim to teach attendees strategies related to posture, breathing, balance, relaxation and flexibility. The class will include a session on the practice of breathing, followed by slow Chi Kung, to awaken their bodies. A series of gently performed Hatha family yoga postures will come next, accompanied by meditation and body relaxation practices, which aim to eliminate feelings of stress and help relax your mind.

The teacher himself will demonstrate and thoroughly explain all postures and movements during the class. No previous experience in the area is required for you to take this class, and it is open to any residents who may be interested. There is no age limit, and the only recommendation for the class is that you wear something comfortable. Keep an eye out to make sure you don't miss registering for this amazing opportunity!


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