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S.a.v.e. Ria Formosa Concert

Vale Real
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20€ Public
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Musical multimedia show by João Cuña


We are thrilled to feature this intimate musical and multimedia experience as part of Vale do Lobo Art Showcase 2022: a selection of special art workshops and sessions led by artists from across the region including painting, jewellery workshop, ceramic making and much more. All in a stunning, natural, art-inspiring setting of Vale Real just facing the magnificent golf course lake.

S.A.V.E. RIA FORMOSA is a musical and multimedia experience (S.A.V.E. = Sound And Video Experience) that have the Ria Formosa as a "stage of emotions", where the experiences of the composer, musician and marine biologist João Cuña (BMP course - University of Algarve) cross with the collective imaginary of the Ria Formosa, in a musical journey with some scientific and environmental perspectives, but always in a very personal and emotionally intense way, combining ART and SCIENCE in this great "live stage of nature" that is our RIA FORMOSA.

Concert with eight original instrumental compositions on Portuguese guitar and acoustic guitar, in a solo performance by João Cuña, interacting with videos and 2D animations projected on a screen on stage, lasting about 50 minutes, presented in 3 parts:

The impact of discovering and knowing the Ria Formosa by air, land and water.

  • “FLYING to discover the Ria Formosa”
  • “WALKING to discover the Ria Formosa”
  • “SAVE to discover the Ria Formosa”

Part II: "MY" RIA FORMOSA: (3 songs)
The "appropriation" of the Ria Formosa by the musician in a very personal and affective perspective, passing through important moments of his own family, personal and professional development.

  • “BIRTHING in my Ria Formosa”
  • “Growing up in my Ria Formosa”
  • “LIVING in my Ria Formosa”

Part III: "OUR" RIA FORMOSA: (2 songs)
A tribute to this environmental heritage of a rich ecological, social, economic and landscape heritage. First the dialectic between the fauna and flora of the Ria and the Man, and in the end the awareness of the Ria as a ALL, a system that includes all the different parts that constitute it and that coexist (sometimes) in harmony, behaving as a living organism (according to Gaia's Theory).

  • “SHARE our Ria Formosa”
  • “PRESERVE our Ria Formosa”

In line with the inspirational theme of this project, Vale do Lobo aims to reinforce the importance of the Ria Formosa and the preservation of the environment, so part of the proceeds from this event will go to RIAS - Wildlife Recovery and Research Centre. The main objectives of RIAS are the recovery of wild animals, investigation of risk factors for their conservation, and carrying out environmental education actions with the purpose of raising awareness about the importance of preserving biodiversity.

Immerse yourself in this unforgettable musical and multimedia experience and get to know the whole project in depth. Book your ticket now and help RIAS too!

Duration: 50 minutes


More information:

Some added value of this project and its design to highlight:

  • The combination of scientific illustration in the graphics in order to produce content that combines artistic and scientific vision.
  • The use of 2D animation to help convey the message and create the desired emotional effect in certain songs or moments, since it is a multimedia musical show without narration or subtitles.
  • The use of "sounds of the Ria Formosa" not only in a sound design perspective, but also with the purpose of integrating these sounds in the musical composition process.
  • Sailing with a solar boat from the perspective of following a "more ecological" conduct and because it is in fact a means of locomotion more suitable for recording and environmental observation.
  • Professional filming team. with qualified human and technical resources suitable for 4K image recording (drones and multi-camera).

Production/ Direction/ Author/ Composition/ Musician: João Cuña
Filming and video production: Vico Ughetto
Design and 2D animation: Miguel Dominguez
Sound design and audio production: Pedro Mendes ("Pierre")
Scientific illustration: Paula Gaspar
Photography: Jorge Rico
Promotion and social networks: Rita Cuña
Branding and design consultancy: Eduardo Raposo

< < <  SUPPORT > > >

- Ministry of Culture - Financial support under the emergency support line for the arts sector - 2020;
- Regional Direction of Culture of Algarve - Financial support from PAACA - 2021;

- Municipality of Faro - Financial support 2021;
- Vale do Lobo - Financial support 2022;

- Algarve University UAlg;
- Ambifaro;
- IPDJ - Portuguese Institute for Sport and Youth, I.P. - Faro (integrated in the European Year of Youth 2022);
- Olhão Municipality;
- From Here - Solar Boat Trip Faro;
- JP Custom Guitars - Luthier João Pessoa;
- Alenic Guitars - Luthier Alexandre Fernandes;
- Salgados do Fialho Estate

Contact: João Cuña
Associação Guitarra Portuguesa com Futuro
00 351 916434730
Promoter: Associação Guitarra Portuguesa com Futuro
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Centro de Recuperação e Investigação de Animais Selvagens – Ria Formosa – Olhão
CEAM – Rua do Parque Natural da Ria Formosa, Quelfes. 8700-194 Olhão
Tel: 927659313
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