Events | 14 Apr, 2023

Stargazing | Venus, the planet of love, visits the seven sisters

Vale do Lobo Parque do Golfe
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20€ Public
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8€ Resort Members (children <12)


On the evening of the 14th April, we will be able to admire the planet Venus near the Pleiades star cluster, and with the help of a large, motorised telescope we will be able to see the Pleiades in detail and discover that there are many more stars than the 7 initially observed.

On Venus we will discover various phases, like our natural satellite, the beautiful moon.

During the experience it will also be possible to observe the planet Mars, the great Orion nebula, the 3 galaxies in the constellation Ursa Major, the Goat Galaxy, the Cigarette Galaxy and the Whirlpool Galaxy.

In addition, we will observe the Andromena Galaxy and the large Orion Nebula.

Join us in this discovery!  

Join us in this discovery!