Events | 22 Mar, 2024

Astronomical Observation

Friday, 22 March
Vale do Lobo Parque do Golfe
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20€ Public
16€ Resort Members
8€ Resort Members (children <12)
18:00 - 20:00


Embark on an Enchanting Cosmic Voyage!

On the night of March 22nd, after a brief lecture, we'll have the privilege to step outside and, through a large motorized telescope, observe our beautiful natural satellite, the moon, which will be nearly fully illuminated by the sun, meaning it's nearly full. It will be possible to see in detail all its craters, mountains, and valleys.

Additionally, we can also catch a glimpse of the mighty planet Jupiter with its 4 Galilean moons, the Pleiades star cluster, and the grand Orion Nebula.

Join us on this beautiful journey through the cosmos!