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Events | 25 Feb, 2021

Breathwork session by Richie Bostock

Venue: @home

Special guest Vale do Lobo experience with Richie Bostock
"BREATH IN AND BLISS OUT” Breathwork session

We are thrilled to feature this special session as part of our Vale do Lobo experience @home series. Our guest will lead an hour-long breathwork class directly from the UK. Breathwork is considered the next revolution in health & wellness and a valuable tool in these challenging times.

Thursday, 25th February from 17:00 to 18:00
Duration: 60 minutes

About this session:

Our breath is the most powerful tool that we have at our disposal to improve how we think and feel. The combination of ancient techniques and modern science has birthed a new age where people all over the world are learning how to use their breath with a purpose to improve their physical, mental, and emotional performance and wellbeing.

In this powerful Breathwork journey, lie back and relax as Richie guides you through a carefully crafted sequence of Breathwork flows accompanied by an immersive soundtrack that will leave you with calm energy, a clear mind, and an open heart. No previous experience is needed.

About our special guest:

Richie, or “The Breath Guy”, is a leading figure for Breathwork, the next revolution in health and wellness. He is a Breathwork coach, author, and speaker and it is his mission to spread the life-changing possibilities of Breathwork to the world.

Having worn many hats, from a corporate management consultant to a digital entrepreneur, Breathwork came into Richie’s life almost by accident when his father was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). When researching ways to help his father, he came to discover the Wim Hof Method, a self-healing technique involving breathing techniques and cold exposure. After experiencing the incredible effects of this method in a week-long training in Poland, he became obsessed with discovering what was possible just by breathing.

Richie spent years traveling across five continents learning from many of the modern-day masters of Breathwork and continuously witnessed the transformative effects of when people became aware of their breathing and started to use it as a tool to create physical, mental, and emotional benefits for themselves. This free medicine is available to everyone and it's Richie's mission to remind the world how to breathe with purpose.