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Events | 22 Sep, 2021

Ceramics Workshop

Vale Real
Wednesday, 22 de September
15:00h - 18:00h
ticket Public 57.5€
ticket Resort Members 46€

We are thrilled to feature this stunning workshop as part of Vale do Lobo Art Sessions: a selection of special art workshops and sessions led by artists from across the region including Portuguese tile painting, jewellery workshop, ceramic making and much more. All in a stunning, natural, art-inspiring setting of Vale Real. Join, fuel your creative side and take your own creations and memories back home. Family-friendly.

Ceramics is considered one of oldest industries since ever. The oldest known ceramic artefact is dated as early as 28,000 BCE (BCE = Before Common Era), during the late Palaeolithic period. There are many charms in ceramics and pottery, perhaps derived from the magic of its creation or the beauty of the forms that each piece that is created possesses.

In this workshop, you will meet a local ceramist, that will introduce you to manual work with clay. You will learn how to work and mold manually the clay, using different types and colours of clay, and create 2 or 3 individual pieces, style "ceramic of the Neolithic", such as plates, cups, glasses, decorative tiles, or others, letting your imagination guide you! You can also personalize your pieces with engravings, using stamps and other tools provided or paint some raw ceramic pieces. At the end of the workshop, your creations will be taken to a muffle (ceramic oven) to be cooked and will be delivered to you later. 

Your teacher was born in Luanda, Angola but it was in Portugal that he discovered his passion for ceramics and other arts, such as tile painting or restoration. He often organizes exhibitions along the Algarve region, working close with Fundação António Aleixo in Vila Real de Santo António and Portimão Museum.

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