Events | 24 Nov, 2023

Eden Pigments & Portable Art

Friday, 24 November
Aderita Artistic Space
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17:30 - 19:00

New Art Exhibition

The Aderita Artistic Space Gallery is pleased to present this new exhibition by German artist Kerstin Wagner, who is trained in Fine Arts.

The exhibition will be open from 24th November 2023 to 15th January 2024 and highlights Wagner's passion for colour, form and character. Her work has already been exhibited in Europe and Goa.

Wagner's paintings reflect a creative tension between dynamism and tranquil meditation, resulting in multifaceted works that shine with vibrant colours and cultural vibes. Her creativity is enriched by her travels, which play a central role in her artistic inspiration. 

Alongside this exhibition, Aderita Artistic Space is also presenting another exhibition entitled "Portable Art", which inspires you to discover the magic and grandeur of art but in a variety of small format works. These portable treasures are perfect for the festive season, providing a unique experience of beauty and artistic expression. Discover the charm in every detail, bringing the magic of these creations with you wherever you go. The artists, including Pedro Cruz, Higino Gonçalves, Steven Cox, Thais Morenthzen, Nelia Duarte, Rita Pereira, Sen, Coco, Paulo Frangolho, Pascale Fey, João Aurora, Marc Musso, Pedro Correia and Aderita Silva, dedicated themselves to designing these exclusive formats to transform your everyday life into a moving work of art.

Discover the artistic charm in every detail this festive season!

Admission is free.


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