Lyra World Music concert

16 Nov, 2019, 20:00 to 21:00
Venue: Vale do Lobo Auditorium

Initially scheduled for 30th March, the Lyra World Music concert will now be staged on 16th November in the Vale do Lobo Auditorium.

Vale do Lobo, in association with cultural association Ideias do Levante will be bringing a musical delight of classical performances to the stage during the upcoming Lyra World Music performance taking place on 16th November at 20:00h in the Vale do Lobo Auditorium.

Soprano Carla Pontes performs together with harpist Helena Madeira to create the unique sound of Lyra Music during the concert being held in the Vale do Lobo Auditorium on 16th November.

Carla Pontes was born in Lisbon and graduated in art education, having started her classical singing studies with Birgit Wegemann in 2004. Since then she attended several workshops, courses, seminars, private lessons and masterclasses in Portugal, and abroad and now performs regularly.

Helena Madeira began her studies of lyrical singing with Fernando Serafim in the Portuguese Musical Youth in 2004. She is mainly self-taught, giving the greatest importance to the meetings with musicians from other countries, especially on her trips to the West African Coast. In addition to having performed in Portugal from North to South, she has already been invited to play in Spain, Brazil and Cape Verde. 

Project Lyra by Ideias do Levante were created as a way to promote the talented artists of the region while also educating audiences about the diversity of musical performances and this concert promises to showcase the heavenly voice of Carla Pontes with the softness and beauty of the harp.

The Lyra Wold Music performance promises to be an enchanting evening and one that music lovers across the board will find truly memorable as Vale do Lobo continues its exciting new programme of events for 2019.

Tickets to the event cost €15* for general public and will be available from the Resort Reception a month before the show. 

Join us on a classic journey not to forget!

Details and bookings:

Vale do Lobo Resort Reception
T. 289 353 322

*Special prices available for Resort Members Card holders.

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