Rhythm & Sound Workshop by Aderita Silva

15 Feb, 2020, 10:45 to 12:00
Venue: Vale do Lobo Artistic Space

We are all creators by nature and many of us have music to share with the world. The Rhythm Workshop serves exactly to explore sounds, rhythms, musicality’s, styles, times and cultures. The main aim is to observe the rhythmic characteristics, the silences and the instruments of other cultures, at the same time that different melodies and rhythms develop.

On February 15th, Saturday, there will be a Rhythm Workshop by Aderita Silva, in Aderita Artistic Space in Vale do Lobo, a true discovery of world rhythms. Not to be missed!

NB: Participants are asked if possible to bring a large bouncing ball and / or a garden broom (coconut) that may make noise when sweeping...

Details and bookings:

Vale do Lobo Resort Reception
T. 289 353 322
Email: tourism@vdl.pt

*Special prices available for Resort Members Card holders.

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