SALTÃO - MAR SOLIS Painting and sculpture exhibition

08 Jun, 2017, 09:00 to 09 Nov, 2017, 18:00
Venue: Vale do Lobo Art Gallery

Explore the bold and dramatic sculptures and paintings of Saltão and Mar Solis during the latest exhibition at the Vale do Lobo Art Gallery from the 8th June until 9th November.

A selection of sculptures and paintings from artists will be on display at the gallery as part of an ongoing collaboration between the resort and the famed São Mamede Gallery.

Born in 1949, SALTÃO is a self-taught artist who began painting spontaneously by observing the techniques of other artists.  He began first with watercolours and then gradually transitioned to working with oil colours.

After passing through a figurative phase, he then moved on to abstract expressionism, an area of modern art that Saltão is able to dominate with a rare ease.

Prof.  Salvato  Teles  de  Menezes  describes  the  latest works  from  Saltão:  “What  touches  us  is  the  very  impact of his work; he is a prolific yet considered, intense yet delicate. Like all artists who dedicate themselves to their work it is not hard to see, when you look closely at his works, the inner drive that stimulates him to seek, within very distinctive and personal parameters, the best compositional solutions to his works.”

Born in Madrid in 1967, MAR SOLIS graduated from the Complutense University of Madrid and holds a Masters in research in art and creation.

She has held solo exhibitions since 1997 and one of his most highly acclaimed projects was “Los vertices de la Vibration” at the “El Mundo” pavilion of ARCO 2009.

The works from Solis have been included in many private collections in Spain and she has also been the recipient of several awards.

As a young artist Mar Solis has already established herself with her stylized sculptures in wood and her works can be found around the world, including in Lapland and South Korea, as well as in Europe.

Since the first exhibition of works from the São Mamede gallery was unveiled at the Vale do Lobo Art Gallery in October 2012 there have been a series of different exhibitions on display and the latest is a celebration of this partnership.

This exciting exhibition promises to be truly memorable, bringing an exciting and thought provoking selection of works to the resort.

The exhibition will run from 8th June to 9th November 2017 at the Vale do Lobo Art Gallery (next to the Club of Clubs entrance) which is open from Monday to Friday from 09.00h until 18.00h with free admission.

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