Silvia Cavelti Art Exhibition | THE SQUARE

10 Feb, 2020, 17:00 to 28 Mar, 2020, 18:00
Venue: Vale do Lobo Art Gallery

As part of a new partnership between Vale do Lobo and the renowned artist Aderita Silva, the Vale do Lobo Art Gallery will officially be opening another exhibition space on the 10th February: the Aderita Artistic Space.

Talent, culture and the arts have been supported and shared by the resort over the years, so this will be a new, additional space dedicated to creativity, in which the artist will hold initiatives and regular activities.

Adérita Silva was born in the Algarve in 1958, but she really began developing as an artist in Paris, where she lived, studied and worked for many years, in the advertising and fashion design sectors. The combination of these two artistic expressions led her to painting and the beautifully diverse world of the arts. Throughout her career, she has held several individual and collective exhibitions, allowing her to make a name for herself in artistic circles. Now, by embracing this project and space in Vale do Lobo, Aderita promises to cultivate new, fresh ideas, guided by talent, creativity and her innate passion for the arts.

The official opening of the Aderita Artistic Space Gallery will also be marked by the launch of a first exhibition of Silvia Cavelti paintings, entitled “THE SQUARE”. 

Silvia Cavelti was born in Zurich in 1942. Between 1959 and 1962, she studied at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Zurich where she studied with Johannes Itten. Silvia was working as a stylist for big companies like Globus and ABM in Switzerland, and for several large textile companies in France as a designer. In 1989 Silvia moved to the Algarve, where she now works.

About this new exhibition in Vale do Lobo THE SQUARE, Silvia Cavelti shares her emotions and inspiration: "I'm love with the square. The square is a parallelogram. its sides are parallel two by two. a geometric figure that is called a square has four equal sides and four 90 degree right angles. the square itself is a dry figure. it does not exist in nature. it was created by man. so man can give life to the square. I tried to recreate that with the braiding technique."

The event will take place on Monday the 10th February at 17:00h at the Vale do Lobo Art Gallery, which is located in the Vale do Lobo Shopping Centre. Admission is Free. Live music performed by "Sonata Duo" and a cocktail reception promise to make this an unmissable event.

This exciting art exhibition THE SQUARE by Silvia Cavelti promises to be truly memorable, bringing an exciting and thought provoking selection of works to the resort.

Visit the Vale do Lobo Art Gallery and Vale do Lobo Artistic Space, Monday to Friday from 09:00h to 18:00h and enjoy free admission to view the works on display.

Vale do Lobo Art Gallery
T: +351 289 353 327

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