World Dances Workshop by Aderita Silva

22 Feb, 2020, 10:45 to 12:00
Venue: Vale do Lobo Artistic Space

The dance was one of the first forms of expression of the man, following the evolution of civilizations and gaining greater visibility over time. Currently, we know that there are different types of dances, influenced by various factors, cultural and regional, or associated with different styles and genres of music. The art of dancing helps in the cognitive development and motor coordination of those who practice it.

On February 22, Saturday, the Artistic Space of Vale do Lobo is filled with music to receive a special invitation by Aderita Silva to explore the dances of the World. A morning that promises to be funny, enriching and stimulating. To not lose!

Details and bookings:

Vale do Lobo Resort Reception
T. 289 353 322

*Special prices available for Resort Members Card holders.

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