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The Vale do Lobo Golf Club promotes a social environment amongst their members.

The Golf Club aims be a home from home for its members and at Vale do Lobo the emphasis is very much on creating the perfect golfing environment both on and off the courses.

The relaxed and friendly atmosphere that surrounds the Club is as a result of years of working with members to ensure that their varied needs are met and expectations exceeded through professionally organised tournaments, a diverse range of social events and constant communication between the Club administration and its members.


Golfing activities to ensure there is always an excuse to join in a game.

A community which is not only extremely welcoming, but one that enjoys a varied calendar of golfing activities to ensure there is always an excuse to join in a game.

Vale do Lobo Algarve is unique in that its golfing programme enables visiting members to join in with other members immediately on arrival, without the worry of having to book tee times in advance. In fact, this is the perfect way to feel a part of the resort’s golfing community, as increasingly more members are taking part in organised golf.

From separate informal “rollups” for men and ladies, that take place three days each week, to singles competitions on the other two days, the resort Golf Committee works closely with the Golf Club Administration to ensure there is something to appeal to everyone.

The ambience and structure of the Vale do Lobo Golf Club really is unique, offering everything a keen golfer could ever need, and promising a very friendly welcome for those who choose to join.

Captain's Day

A popular date for the Golf Club members.

A Spirited occasion – Captains' Day brings all the members together.

The annual Captains' day is a competition and popular date in the diary for the Golf Club members for its added competitiveness.

The popular Captains Day competition draws together many members every year and sees the entire golfing community of Vale do Lobo come together to enjoy some challenging golf with resort friends and neighbours. The competition is held on the Vale do Lobo Golf Courses and the format is usually in pairs teams, betterball, stableford, 90% handicap.

After the golf there is a dinner in Spikes from 19:00h with prize giving and drinks accompanied by a three course meal and live music organised by the Captains.


Club Championship

A challenging annual golf club competition

The Club Championship is a Singles Stableford competition with prizes for first, second and third places and is an event that not only draws on the fun and competitive spirit of the competitors but also usually produces some exceptional play.

The Club Champions have also the right to a poster with their photo and name on displayed in the Club house area.

Captain's Drive-in

Themed fun golf competition

The Captains Drive In, which normally occurs in October, is a special day where all the members welcome the new Golf Captains during a fantastic day of Golf fun and lunch.

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Captains Drive In 2017.

Winners on the day included 1st Place Captains Drive In: David Smith, Siegfried Teichert, Peter Dellicompagni, Vaughn Thomas. 2nd Place: Colin & Sunny Watts, Pat & Deborah McDonagh.

Sunday Greensomes

Monthly golf club tournament

Experience the challenges and the beauty of playing golf in Vale do Lobo during the monthly Sunday Greensomes tournaments and see what makes the Vale do Lobo Golf Club so special.

Knockout Week

A fantastic week of golfing competition taking place in November

Knockout Week in Vale do Lobo is a fantastic week of golfing competition for members and their guests to the resort.

This tournament has grown to become a favourite among golfers keen to enjoy some healthy competition in the early winter sunshine and is dedicated solely to the Vale do Lobo Golf Club Members and their Guests.

The tournament begins on a Sunday, with a practice day to get everyone into the swing of things followed by various qualifying rounds and sub-competitions that will then take place over the following days, ending with a Fourball Betterball Team Competition.

Golf Captains & Committee

Find out who represents the Golf Club Members and who are the Golf Captains.

“We both feel very proud and privileged to be the Captains of this wonderful club.  We look forward to carrying on the tradition of making everyone feel welcome at the club and to continue to support the truly international community which has been forged over the years.” 

The Golf Captains: Paul Mulvey & Jennifer Burt

Golf Captains

Captain Paul Mulvey
Lady Captain Jennifer Burt

Golf Club Committee Members

Secretary Rosalyn Marshall
Treasurer Anne Deakin
Member David Smith
Member Joanne Smith
Member Edda Lungershausen
Member Jacqueline Bettles
Member Anthony Ford

Paul Mulvey
Jennifer Burt
Rosalyn Marshall
Anne Deakin
David Smith
Joanne Smith
Edda Lungershausen
Jacqueline Bettles
Anthony Ford 

Monthly Competitions Calendar


Members Competitions
October 2020
          Monday                                 Tuesday       Wednesday             Thursday                                     Friday                                     Saturday  Sunday
               1 – October –R
Men’s Medal – 08:10
White tees
Ladies’ Stabl – 09:00
draw by hdc
2 –October- O
Men’s Roll-up -08:05
Ladies  Roll-up  -08:55   
4Ball Waltz
(Choose Teams)
5- October- R
Mixed Stableford -08:20
  draw by hdc     
6-October- O
Men’s FunDay - 08:05    
Ladies’ FunDay – 08:55        
7 -October- R
Men’s Roll-up- 08:10
             Ladies  Roll-up  – 09:00                        
8- October –O
Men’s Stabl  – 08:05
draw by hdc
Ladies’ Stabl – 08:55
draw by hdc
9 –October- R
Men’s Roll-up -08:00
Ladies  Roll-up -08:50
4ball Medley  
(Choose Teams)
Mixed Stableford -08:05
  draw by hdc             
13-October- R
Men’s FunDay - 08:10
Ladies’ FunDay- 09:00
14-October- O
Men’s Roll-up - 08:05
Ladies  Roll-up  – 08:55
Men’s Stabl  - 08:10
draw by hdc
Ladies’ Stabl– 09:00
draw by hdc
16-October- O
Men’s Roll-up -08:05
Ladies  Roll-up  -08:55
(Choose Teams)
19-October- R
Mixed Stableford -08:10
  draw by hdc         
Men’s FunDay - 08:05
Ladies’ FunDay – 08:55
Men’s Roll-up - 08:10
Ladies  Roll-up  – 09:00
Men’s Stabl  - 08:05
draw by hdc
Ladies’ Stabl– 08:55
draw by hdc
Men’s Roll-up -08:10
Ladies  Roll-up -09:00
4ball betterball
(Choose Teams)
Mixed Stableford -08:05
  draw by hdc         
Men’s Fun Day- 08:10
Ladies’ Fun Day - 09:00
Men’s Roll-up- 08:05
Ladies  Roll-up- 08:55
Men’s Stabl  - 08:10
draw by hdc
Ladies’ Stabl– 09:00
draw by hdc
Men’s Roll-up -08:05
Ladies  Roll-up -08:55
drive in
(Choose Teams)    



Use of golf club facilities and all membership options


The Club has members of several different nationalities, the large majority are residents in the resort but over the past few years we have also welcomed several members from outside Vale do Lobo to the Club.

The membership format allows our members to play as many rounds per year as they can without any green fee charge.

Members have to pay an admittance fee valid for 5 years to join the club.

Independently of the type of membership - single, couple or family - the cost of the entrance fee is set.

Additionally the member will have an annual fee, the costs of which depends on the type of membership chosen.


Become a member


  Vale do Lobo
Resort Member
Non resident
Admittance fee (per membership) - € 3.000
Annual fee (single) € 2.735 € 6.065
Annual fee (couple) € 4.920 € 8.235

Golf Membership privileges

  • Tee times reserved for Members
  • Member-Only Tournaments and Events
  • Daily Competitions
  • Management of handicaps
  • Exclusive Member Discounts on rentals
  • Guest Green Fee discounts (12 guests per year at 50% discount)
  • Unlimited golf at the Ocean and Royal Golf Courses. Subject to availability.
  • Complimentary tokens



  Non resident
Vale do Lobo
Resort Member 
Vale do Lobo
Resort Member
& Family Card holder
Private Buggies Fees      
Per round of 18 holes (per buggy) € 45 € 30 € 30
Per year (per buggy) € 600* € 450* € 650
Private Buggies Storage**      
Per year (per buggy) € 1.600 € 1.400 € 1.400
* Price per buggy valid for a couple
** Subject to timing and availability