Pets in Paradise


Don’t let your pooch or kitty miss out on the fun at Vale do Lobo. Why not bring him or her along? Pets need holidays too, and they’re one of the family, after all. 


That’s right – we’re serious animal lovers here at Vale do Lobo. Pets are welcome guests in some of our accommodation options, so just ask us when booking.

One dog or cat can come along, cosy up with you at home and enjoy long, exciting walks in our resort’s stunning outdoor spaces.

We do charge €30 per night for pet stays, but €5 of that goes to Animal Rescue Algarve (ARA). That way, you’ll be helping to accommodate homeless pets as well as your own when you stay with us.


General Terms & Conditions:


  • Only one pet (dog up to 30 Kg or cat) can stay in some of our accommodation units. The penalty for not adhering to this rule will be expulsion from the property, and all related consequences and expenses will be the owner’s responsibility. These limitations do not apply to official guide dogs.
  • Reservations with pets are only possible in some of our Standard accommodation units, so they are subject to availability and prior confirmation by our Reservations Team.

  • When you book, please tell us about your pet’s breed, especially if they are considered dangerous breeds. We reserve the right not to accept certain pets and may decline the reservation.
  • If we accept your reservation, you are not exempt from any civil and criminal liability that may occur due to damage of any kind caused by your pets. You are obliged to comply with all the applicable legislation regarding animals (whether they are pets or not and regardless of their breed).
  • We charge a €30 per night fee for pets, to be paid at the time of booking.
  • You must complete and sign the pet admission form upon arrival.
  • Your pet must have their vaccines up to date, and the relevant paperwork must be available.
  • We will supply feeding and drinking bowls but cleaning them is your responsibility.
  • Please remember to bring bedding and food for your pet – it is not included.
  • Pets are not allowed in any areas and establishments that are not freely open to the public, e.g., our Spa, Fitness Center, golf courses, Tennis Center, restaurants and similar spaces.
  • Circulation in outside areas of the resort is allowed, as long as the animal circulates on a leash or is transported inside the transport box.
  • Our housekeeping and maintenance teams will only enter your accommodation if your pet is not present or if it is adequately secured with a lead or another restraining device. This is for the safety and comfort of both our staff and your pet.
  • If you need to leave your pet alone in the accommodation, please make sure that it is adequately secured and placed away from any furniture or equipment that could be damaged. Owners are responsible for any repairs and cleaning required due to pet damage or mess.
  • Alternatively, leave your pet in the trusted care of the Vale do Lobo Pet Sitting Service. Please contact Reception for more details.
  • Vale do Lobo reserves the right to request the immediate removal of any animal that exhibits dangerous or unacceptable behavious, such as biting, scratching, barking excessively or showing symptoms of disease.

  • And please use common sense when allowing your pet to use the living space and furniture. Always return your accommodation in the same state as you found it at the beginning of your stay.

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