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Signature Projects

A Journey of endless possibilities

We want the projects in Vale do Lobo to reflect the lifestyle and the needs of each and every owner.

Vale do Lobo has worked over the years with some of the most experienced, renowned architects when it comes to designing luxury private homes. 

Choosing a select number of these specialist architects, we gave them free reign over some of the best plots Vale do Lobo has to offer to create brandnew, life sized inspirational homes. Each plot then became a tangible vision of a modern, luxury beach house to give you a taste of what owning a villa in Vale do Lobo could mean. 

Close your eyes and let your imagination wander. What do you see in your mind’s eye?

Do you want to design a villa that is at one with nature, surrounded by lush greenery and in perfect harmony with the world around it? Find out how we can make a dream home that’s even more sustainable than you thought possible. 

Are you more interested in creating harmony between the indoors and outdoors? Your design can maximise outside living with all the home comforts you’d have in paradise. Or maybe the view is what does it for you. Our architects know how to maximise the view from every angle, creating a  house that works as a viewing deck for the surrounding landscape. But a private one, that no-one else can see into. 

Don't hold back when it comes to designing your Vale do Lobo villa. After all, the end destination is your new beginning.

"We built the first family property in Vale do Lobo 35 years ago. Our property here has always been a base for all the family to come together and now we moved permanently to the resort.

Vale do Lobo has always felt like home to our children and now it is a home for our grandchildren too."

Project 1


Fragmentos de Arquitectura began in 1994 while we were still architecture students, as a side project to our day jobs.

However, over time, we have needed to dedicate more and more of our energy and commitment to our shared project, cementing and solidifying our presence in the marketplace as Fragmentos. 

This project, which, in its essence, is work carried out by a group of friends, has become recognised in the market, and we are proud that it has grown
in a continuous, reliable way. 

A direct reflection of this growth are the various scales of projects we have been a part of, which have guided our development in recent years.

Working on anything from "tailor-made" projects for single-family homes to housing rehabilitations, as well as build-to-sell properties, has proved that we can meet the needs of a diverse range of clients, whilst always maintaining our identity.

Far more than a pronounced architectural language, the work carried out by Fragmentos stands out for the team’s determination and commitment to the challenges they design. And this trait has been present in every project carried out by the studio, right from day one.

PLOT 2095

In an idyllic location, mere steps away from the sea, this villa was designed to maximise the advantages of this plot of land, opening out onto the surrounding view, while ensuring privacy within.

Privacy has been added to the large, south-facing windows, using extended walls that provide shade and covered outdoor living areas. The entrance is marked by an empty volume that has been carved into the concrete structure and lined in wood, creating a stark contrast with the concrete used on the rest of the house. The villa’s living areas are south-facing on the ground floor, and open out onto the outdoor living spaces, pool and garden. The 4 en-suite bedrooms are divided among the 3 floors, each with a unique design and characteristics. The bedrooms in the basement are positioned around a courtyard-type area, bedrooms on the ground floor lead straight out onto the garden, and on the 1st floor, the 2 bedrooms extend onto terraces, taking advantage of the sea view. The rooftop terrace adds a further outdoor seating area with views of the sea and the beach.

Project 2


The creative, dynamic team at Guedes Cruz Arquitetos need no introduction, as their projects have spanned decades, countries and styles, each leaving its own individualistic mark. International news and websites have followed their development, watching as one innovative build has followed another, bringing a new face to architecture itself. Headed by Chief Architect João Guedes Cruz, the “atelier” has a distinctive style that, with its characteristic lines and clean corners, can be moulded to any project, from homes to markets, and renovations to new builds.

Having won prizes including the Architizer international award 2014, Guedes Cruz proves that architecture can create much more than a home – it can build a lifestyle to rival any dream, providing health and wellness down to the very core and changing the very way in which spaces interact with each other.

Flexibility and adaptability with materials is key, which, over the years, has proved to be one of the secrets that has allowed this atelier to bloom. 

Moulding every aspect of a complex, they are comfortable working with anything from wood to hi-tech transforming glass, using every aspect of a project to exceed expectations in every regard. 

Making their mark on Vale do Lobo from as early as 2007, this atelier has proved that letting your imagination run wild is the secret to creating a truly inspirational home.

PLOT 2106

Plot 2106 at Vale do Lobo - Oceano Clube, has a sweeping area of 1,181m2 scattered with characteristic Algarve stone pines, bringing both large shady areas and nature right up to the front door. However, far more than just a stylish, modern dream home, the 250m2 property was designed to be environmentally friendly, reflect and work in harmony with the natural characteristics and landscape of the area and align with a modern lifestyle, providing an environment that fosters a pleasant, easy, private life.

The house was designed as if moulded to the land itself, so that the floor lines up perfectly with the outdoor surfaces, using different levels to create interest while allowing the design to blend seamlessly into the natural elements that surround it. Even the colour of the materials used on the outer walls of the house help it to connect with the natural landscape that cradles it.

Indoors meets outdoors in this house’s living and leisure areas, which are located on the highest point in the plot of land, at 11.5 m above sea level, providing the most spectacular of sea views. An outdoor dining area is the perfect place to entertain, protected from the elements by an elegant pergola, complemented by poolside seating and sunbathing areas. Spacious and airy, while still maintaining an air of mystery, this villa’s relationship with the outdoors is what allows tranquillity to flow through each room, while still providing ample space for on all 3 floors for comfortable, modern living.

Project 3


Jutta Hoehn is the creative mind behind JSH Algarve, an innovative architectural studio and pioneer in bespoke design across Portugal. Jutta was born and raised in the beautiful Spa town of Wiesbaden, which is famed for its beauty and architecture, and where, at an early age, a passion for design and architecture was ignited, which she has continued to nurture and develop. Having studied at the University of Mainz, she was swiftly inaugurated as a Member of the Institute of German Architects, equipping Jutta with the knowledge and skills to channel her passion into a successful career. In 1999, Jutta was selected to lead the re-design of what would become the Algarve’s first 5-star hotel. During her time in Portugal, she developed a deep love of the country and was inspired by its landscape and architecture. 

Jutta decided to settle in Portugal, having found both the perfect opportunity and location in which to apply her style and expertise. She now runs her own practice, JSH Algarve, an innovative studio in the Algarve, supported by a team of twelve professionals. The company specialises in developing bespoke, luxury private homes, located predominately in the “Golden Triangle” which includes Vale do Lobo, as well as with direct clients from across Europe and the USA. Jutta is also a respected member of both the Institute of Portuguese Architects, ODA, and of the Royal Institute of British Architects, RIBA. 

PLOT 2075

This project, which was built in an idyllic, secluded spot, combines beach living with contemporaneity, and open, spacious areas with complete privacy. Two extreme designs are integrated into one to give this villa everything it needs to be a truly perfect, secluded beach house.
The front façade of the house is deceiving - a wood-covered wall with almost no windows is continued all the way to the back of the house. 
The few windows have shutters that, when closed, blend seamlessly into the wall. This compact square then seems to open out of its own accord, a range of materials forming terraces and pergolas that create light, breezy open spaces to maximise the connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces. The house’s large back windows can be opened to allow indoor areas to flow out onto the terraces, giving the villa a true beach house feel, which is amplified by the same flooring being used for both inside and outside areas. 


Taking full advantage of the natural rise and fall of the land, this design focussed on creating outdoor living areas that provide the best possible views of the beach, with a focus on privacy and intimacy.

The initial sketch of the villa was thus born from the lay of the land, using it to create a perfect duality between privacy and openness, resulting in a design that would build a relationship between the house and its surroundings. Unique design features that allow this villa do have all that and more include a rooftop terrace with sea views, a light well in the basement to maximise light exposure, and the ground floor which, positioned slightly higher than the access road, benefits from complete privacy while still overlooking spectacular views. 

Project 4


Mário Martins - Atelier de Arquitectura, Lda, better known as Mário Martins Atelier (MMA), is an experienced Architecture and Urban Planning Company based in Lagos, Algarve, that has seen continued, sustained growth over the years. Having received several international awards, the company has been featured in both Portuguese and International publications, at conferences and both on TV and online.

MMA combines knowledge and experience with the creativity and personal touch of each member of a large team. Supported by additional renowned, multidisciplinary technical teams that contribute to different areas of the project, MMA produces innovative, technically solid designs that are increasingly environmentally-friendly. 

The company has been busy over the last few decades, resulting in a diverse portfolio of completed projects, comprising everything from new builds to housing rehabilitations, family homes, collective housing, tourist developments, restaurants/bars, various public facilities, urban regeneration and urban planning.
Serving clients from a variety of countries and the most diverse backgrounds and cultures, MMA always aims to respect people and places, the past and the present, and contribute to a more sustainable, balanced, better future. The company focuses on human relationships and knowledge, and as with everything in life, we believe that the best things come with time, so we’re still waiting to see what their crowning glory will be.

PLOT 572

Plot 572 is a spacious plot located at the entrance of Vale do Lobo, with breath-taking views over rolling golf courses, which stretch both towards the east and the south.

The stone pines in this lot help to create a necessary sense of privacy, but above all, they are proof of the true nature of the area. Integrated into the design of the villa and framed by scattered patios, they bring nature into the structure of the house itself, forming an essential design element. Outside courtyards full of light and shade arouse a sense of intimacy that truly characterises this unique home, while rooms that open out onto outdoor areas create a fluidity and unity throughout.

Recesses in the ground floor ceiling create space and encourage a greater spatial fluency and interaction throughout the house, which is framed by an outdoor staircase, providing access to a rooftop terrace for some sunshine and the best views. The fluidity and tranquillity of the villa is topped off by a swimming pool that, encircling the house, seems to spring from an inner wall.

Both inside and outside, natural and urban, twilight and sunshine, views and intimacy, this villa is both contemporary and refined, light and elegant, drawn using all our senses, with the focus of creating somewhere you’ll never feel like leaving.

Project 5


The aim of our team of architects is to create your dream house. Whether you are looking to build a unique property, revamp an existing one or remodel your own home to boost its potential, our team of designers, engineers and project managers work in collaboration to make your dream come true. 

From contemporary villas with an unflinchingly modern design to magnificent classical properties and space-efficient smaller villas, the only limit is your imagination. We owe our ability to exceed your expectations to the vision of the architects that make up our team, two of which are Nelson Gomes and Hugo Machado.
Having studied in various cities from Lisbon to Milan and Washington DC and also worked internationally in Amsterdam, Hugo Machado’s experience and fresh perspective shines through in his unique projects. Get an idea of just what he can do from the Infinity Villa at Vale do Lobo.

Born in Coimbra, Portugal, Nelson Gomes has worked at Vale do Lobo since 2007, designing custom-built villas and refurbishments for different budgets. His projects also include remodelling and renovating the resorts’ public spaces such as Spikes Restaurant and, most recently, the Golf Reception. 

But our architects are always looking to push themselves even further - how will you inspire them to reach new heights? 

PLOT 2031

Plot 2031 is located at one of the highest points of the Oceano Clube, which benefits from excellent sun exposure and spectacular southerly (Garrão Nascente beach) and eastern (a never-ending view over Ancão beach) views, the defining elements that shaped the design of this villa.

From the main entrance, the path meanders past the swimming pool, deck and lawn, heading south towards lower elevations that are completely shielded from the street. Here, the villa opens out in completely privacy, allowing open spaces to breathe in complete tranquillity. A high-ceilinged entrance is accentuated by one of two shafts that run though all three floors, all the way to the roof, bringing with it a sense of unity and space. A wide, open-plan living area fosters communication between each of the individual spaces, extending into the outdoor leisure areas. With unspoiled views and an even greater sense of privacy are two southfacing rooms, divided by a staircase that connects all the floors, from the open-plan, multi-purpose ground floor, to the main rooms on the top floor and their never-ending views over the Atlantic. 

A second, outdoor staircase, which continues on from the indoor staircase, creates an even greater sense of unity between the indoors and outdoors, providing direct access to the villa's rooftop and 360 degree views of the surrounding landscape and unspoiled beaches.

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