Our response to COVID-19: prioritizing wellbeing of our residents, staff & guests. #SafeResortLiving

Health & Safety

Ready to welcome you: our response to COVID-19

Vale do Lobo team continues to work hard to implement the highest standards of safety and cleanliness for the benefit of our residents, our employees and our guests. We continue to monitor and strictly follow national guidelines on controlling the spread of coronavirus.

For Vale do Lobo, the health and wellbeing of our community remains an absolute priority. All key guidelines have been implemented: whether to play golf, tennis, invite friends and family to make reservations at our resort or simply to pay a visit to the Club of Clubs or the Resort Reception.

Right now, information and understanding is essential.

Latest update | 1st December 2021:

As of 1st December 2021 Portugal is returning to State of Calamity introducing new preventative measures due to increase in COVID-19 cases.

What does it mean?

  • All passengers arriving to Portugal (including those fully vaccinated with a valid EU COVID Digital Certificate) must provide a negative COVID-19 test result.
  • Masks are obligatory in all enclosed spaces (including means of transport).
  • EU COVID Digital Certificate needs to be presented at all tourist establishments, restaurants, bars, gyms, health facilities and at some events (check with the organizer for details).

Vale do Lobo facilities remain open respecting health & safety measures. Our golf coursestennisFitness CentreRoyal Spashopping and restaurants are operating and you can join our events & activities programme.

We also provide full list of PCR testing points at the resort. Ask us if you need help.


We are also ready to hold your hand throughout the PCR testing process and provide full list of PCR testing points at the resort here. Ask us if you need help.

Real Estate Hospitality Proprietors Club Golf Wellness Centre Resort Shuttle

Real Estate


Keep a minimum 2- meter distance between any two people. Wearing gloves and approved masks is always mandatory.


  • Recent travel: If you travelled recently and may have been exposed to Covid-19 please postpone your visit;
  • Hand sanitizers: Hand sanitizers are available and you are required to use them.


  • Sales agents will wait: If you arrived accompanied by a sales agent, you would preferably proceed while the agent waits outside the property for your visit to end.
  • Vacant property: Before starting a visit, your Sales Consultant will ensure nobody else is inside property.


  • Visit leisurely: Your Sales Consultant will open your property and will wait outside while you visit it leisurely. Please do not touch anything while inside. 
  • Shoes outside: Please take off your shoes and leave them outside the property you are visiting. Alternatively, you may use shoe protection if available. 
  • Facilities closed: Also note that access to public facilities such as clubshouse, sports club or shops may be limited or impossible.
Download Real Estate Practical Guide (PDF)



  • Keep a minimum 2- meter distance between any two people. Wearing approved masks is always mandatory; 
  • The luggage room is available. The handling of luggage will be done by the guest, with no intervention and responsibility of Vale do Lobo staff;
  • Our Reception has a permanent opening hours (24/7). During certain periods of the year, this is subject to changes (08:00 – 24:00). After this time, for emergencies, please contact the Resort Control on +351 289 353 415; 

  • Cleaning frequency of public area was increased, especially encompassing areas and items such as doors, service desks and toilets;

  • Dispensers with antiseptic solutions are available in all public areas;
  • Contact our Reception team at +351 289 353 320 if you need any further or additional information.


  • The accommodation units cleaning & disinfection procedure follows recommendations of the National Health Department; 
  • The daily cleaning of the accommodation units, when applicable, will only be carried out in the absence of clients;
  • When entering your accommodation unit, we advise you to take your shoes off and wash your hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds;
  • Some items such as rugs and decorative pillows will have been removed from your accommodation unit for extra safety;
  • Blankets, extra pillows and bath robes have also been removed, however, should you need any of those, please contact Reception and we will be pleased to provide them;
  • On Check- Out day your invoice will be sent to you by email;

  • Keys must be delivered to the Reception or simply left in your accommodation unit;
  • If you have temperature, persistent cough or difficulty breathing, please contact Reception at +351 289 353 320 and stay in your accommodation unit. Contact the National Health Service on 808 24 24 24 and seek further instructions.
Download Hospitality Guide (PDF)

Proprietor´s Club


  • Please keep the recommended safety distance;
  • Please comply with the recommendations that are posted in the various spaces of Vale do Lobo, namely the use of a mask in closed spaces;
  • The Club of Clubs is open to Resort Members, with a maximum capacity of 10 pax inside. We request that, preferably, users remain in this space for the minimum necessary time;
  • Only one person should go to the Club's reception desk to deal with any matter concerning their property;
  • Cover your nose and mouth whenever you cough or sneeze;
  • Please disinfect your hands on your way in and out.

Download Club Guide (PDF)



  • Booking a tee time in advance is obligatory - via website, app, email or phone;
  • Visitors should book and pre-pay online at our website;
  • We requite all players to provide a phone number and email address to facilitate contact;
  • All golfers will be made aware of our procedures prior to their arrival to the course.


  • Golf equipment should be washed before a player leaves home;
  • Arrive at the course no more than 20 minutes prior to reserved tee time;
  • Observe social distancing of 2 metres at all time;
  • The use of sanitary mask is also recommended when contacting other clients or staff members;
  • Locker rooms are closed. Players should arrive wearing their golf attire and change shoes at the car.


  • All players must check-in at the Golf Reception;
  • Please respect the 2 metres queue distance;
  • Please wear a sanitary mask inside the golf reception building,
  • When checking-in or paying for any rentals , please use electronic means of payment;
  • No cash will be accepted at the till;
  • Scorecards will be available at the Golf Reception;
  • Social golf only. There will be no competitive golf.


  • Toilets will have open entrance doors and are cleaned regulary;
  • Hand dryers are disabled, paper towels will be provided;
  • Sanitized trollies and buggies are available for hire, single person use only;
  • It is recommended for golfers to use their own set;
  • Restaurant and bar will be closed until further notice;
  • Golf Shop will be closed until further notice.


  • The use of buggies is limited to one player per buggy. Exception for people who are living together in te same house;
  • Tee times will have 10 minutes intervals;
  • Putting green is open, limited to 4 players, at a time;
  • Warm up at the academy is allowed. Staff will provide golf balls for clients;
  • All players should arrive at the first tee no more than 5 minutes prior to the reserved tee time;
  • If a player or group of players are waiting to play, the recommended social distancing should be observed at all times;
  • All players must observe the Covid-19 recommendations and follow the instructions from the staff;
  • Until further notice, the use of Caddies is not allowed on the courses.


  • Please keep minimum 2 metres distance at all time, particularly on tees and greens;
  • The rakes were removed from the bunkers for your safety. Players must smooth the sand with their club or feet;
  • The ball washers were removed from the course;
  • Flag sticks remain in the hole ad must not be touched;
  • Hole cups were lowered 1 cm from the grass level for contact-free ball retrieval and will be disinfected regularly thoughout the day;
  • Players must not touch other player's equipment (clubs, golf balls, buggies);
  • It is recommended that players disinfect their hands before, during and after the golf round. Each player should bring their own disinfectant in their bag;
  • Equipment, food, and drink must not be exhanged between players;
  • Players must avoid any close personal contact such as handshaking or kissing after the round, or any kind of social proximity;
  • It is recommended that players leave the course as soon as the games ends;
  • Hands may be washed and sanitized in the toilets;
  • Ensure clubs and equipment are cleaned thoroughly after use.
Download Golf practical Guide (PDF)

Fitness Centre

The spaces where physical activity takes place, due to their characteristics, can be places of potential transmission of viruses, either by direct and / or indirect contact.

Additional measures must be taken to ensure that the transmission is minimized:

  • Masks are obligatory in all enclosed spaces

  • EU COVID Digital Certificate obligatory at gyms

  • According to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, customers with Covid-19 symptoms (breathing difficulties, dry cough, fever, tiredness) will not be allowed in;
  • If you have the symptoms described above, or have been in contact with someone infected, please cancel your training;
  • Body temperature measurement may be requested by the trainer;
  • The space can be used by appointment only and for a maximum period of 1 hour. Appointments should be made by digital means (e-mail): fitnesscentre@vdl.pt
  • The client must come equipped and bring his own towel;
  • The use of changing rooms is not allowed;
  • Upon arrival at the Fitness Centre, please await at the entrance for the supervisor;
  • The use of a mask is mandatory (supervisors and customers). The mask can be taken off only during the training;
  • Disinfection of hands, must be done when entering and leaving the space;
  • Keep the required social distance of 2 metres. When exercising, you should keep a distance of 3 metres;
  • The maximum capacity of the space is 5 people (applicable for the use of equipment and for the classes);
  • Physical contact is not allowed either between technicians, employees and practitioners, or between practitioners (except in emergency situations);
  • Group classes (inside or outdoors) will have a maximum capacity of 5 people, in order to guarantee a physical distance of at least 3 metres between practitioners;
  • Group classes: mats will not be available. Customers are responsible for cleaning and disinfecting their personal equipment after use;
  • All equipment in the Fitness area will have a minimum distance of 3 metres between them;
  • All equipment will be disinfected by the team of supervisors, before and after each use of each equipment.


Monday to Friday | 08:00h - 13:00h & 14:00h - 17:00h

Weekends & Holidays | 08:00h - 13:00h

Parque do Golfe, Vale do Lobo | Tel.: (+351) 289 353 468

Royal SPA


Following World Health Organization’s recommendations, for the safety of our customers and employees the Royal SPA access is only allowed for spa treatments and use of the pool by booking. We have also prepared an alternative menu of special tretamnets taking place outdoors.      However,  it is still required the presentation of a EU digital certificate or a negative test to Covid-19 to access the spa facilities.

Treatments Special Menu


  • Therapeutic Massage (Localised) | 40 min. | €70,00
  • Deep Tissue Massage | 50 min. €89,00 | 65 min. | €99,00
  • Aromatherapy | 65 min. | €99,00
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Localised) | 50 min. | €79,00
  • Relaxing Massage (Full Body) | 50 min. | €79,00 || 65min. | €89,00


  • Reflexology | 50 min. | €80,00


  • Physiotherapy | 50 min. | €89,00


If you have symptoms such as breathing difficulties, dry cough, fever and tiredness, or have been in contact with someone infected, deselect your treatment. Free cancelation. Please inform us as soon as possible of your cancelation.

  • Access to the SPA facilities is allowed only to customers who present a EU digital certificate or a negative Covid-19 test;

  • The admitted tests are the PCR tests performed in the 72 hours prior to its presentation, a rapid antigen test verified by a certified entity in the previous 48 hours, a rapid antigen test in the modality of self-test in the previous 24 hours, provided that it is performed in the presence of a health professional or pharmacist that certifies the realization of the test and the result or through a self-test performed at the door and under the supervision of the responsible of the space;
  • Body temperature measurement may be requested by the therapist;
  • The use of a mask is mandatory for employees and customers. The Spa reception have masks available to purchase if you do not have one;
  • Appointments should preferably be made at least one day in advance and by digital means (e-mail: royalspa@vdl.pt or phone: +315 289 353 480 / +351 289 353 475);
  • The payments should preferably be made by card at the check-in in the spa reception or previously by email;
  • At the SPA Reception, a dispenser of alcoholic gel for disinfection of hands is available, at the Client's sight;
  • A transparent acrylic physical barrier was placed on the service counter;
  • The treatments will be carried out inside the Royal SPA and at the spa garden (bungalows) depending on availability and on the type of treatment.

  • Access to the spa facilities will be only allowed to use the pool and to have spa treatments in our indoor rooms. The remaining spa facilities (sauna, turkish bath, hammam and jacuzzi) remain closed until further notice.


Monday - Friday | 09:00h - 19:00h

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays | 09:30h - 18:30h

Parque do Golfe, Vale do Lobo | Tel.: (+351) 289 353 468

Download Full Wellness Guide (PDF)

Resort Shuttle


The following protective and preventive measures must be observed until further notice by all drivers and clients in order to follow the DGS recommendations:

  • Wearing a protective mask is mandatory for staff and clients;
  • The front door of the Shuttle remains closed. The driver does not open the door. Clients are asked to get in and out using the rear door.
  • The two front seats will not be used to transport clients;
  • There will be a limited number of clients per transport;
  • Clients are requested to keep social distance as much as possible;
  • Clients will be asked to use the antiseptic solution which will be available on the Shuttle;
  • Clients will be asked to show their Cards to the drivers and inform them about their Villa number;
  • The Resort Shuttle cleaning frequency has increased.
Download Resort Shuttle Guide (PDF)

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