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O2 Relax (Ladies)

A facial anti-wrinkle treatment, that was tested, proven and patented worldwide.

The oxygen combined with vitamin A, water and glucose, associated to a holist ritual involving hot and cold stones, which activate your body’s blood circulation, and create a natural lifting on you face.

The perfect combination for a complete relaxing experience.

120 Minutes • €200

O2 Pure (Gentlemen)

The Karin Herzog Oxygen Therapy, highly effective in its ability to detox and deep cleanse the skin, is, in this ritual, combined with the relaxing and draining action of hot and cold stone therapy.

A sophisticated treatment to treat deeper and advanced skin problems while relaxing body and mind.

120 Minutes • €160

Tranquil Voyage Body & Face Ritual

This is the crème de la crème ritual of VOYA organic skincare from the sea. Our complete top-to-toe relaxation journey incorporates stimulating body brushing exfoliation, fresh leaves of Atlantic seaweed to deeply detoxify, moisturize, soften and revive your body, and a full body and face massage inspired by the movements of the sea.

There couldn’t be a more tranquil way to relieve aches and pains while conditioning the face and body.

120 Minutes • €220

Seascape Journey Body Ritual

A full body brushing exfoliation from head to toe before a relaxing detoxing seaweed bath, allow your worries to dissolve away.

The journey continues by energising your skin using seaweed extracts, from VOYA’s signature seaweed, Fucus serratus completed with an aromatic body massage to leave you feeling like the fabled goddess of the sea.

100 Minutes • €170

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