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Price: €75 per person


Physiotherapy Evaluation (25min) & Personal Training (50min)

Innovative service that integrates health with physical activity, seeking greater efficiency in individualized physical training, with the objective of achieving the best results, with maximum safety, minimizing any risk of injury that may occur in the physical activity process.

Our specialized professionals - physiotherapists and personal trainers will carry out a thorough physical examination, based on a battery of specific tests, in which they aim to discover different physical abilities, limitations, injuries and different motivations. After the assessment, the exercise prescription varies depending on the interests, objectives, experiences or initial levels of aptitude of each person.

Take this fantastic opportunity of Physiotherapy and Personal Training sessions TO CHANGE YOUR LIFESTYLE!

  • Pack 5 + 1 sessions (buy 5 get 1 free)
  • Pack 10 + 2 sessions (buy 10 get 2 free)
  • Pack 20 + 5 sessions (buy 20 get 5 free)

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