Vale do Lobo Medical Centre

A 24-hour medical service and a wide range of specialist doctors.

Co-ordinated by Dr. Thomas Kaiser, the Vale do Lobo Medical Centre aims to provide personal, convenient and comprehensive medical services for the entire family.

Residents and guests in Vale do Lobo can rest assured knowing that, should they require medical assistance, fully-qualified medical staff are on hand to give them the best of care.

Vale do Lobo has its own Medical Centre with a round-the-clock emergency service. A team of qualified specialists attend to all manner of consultation: illnesses, accidents and emergencies, general check-ups, minor surgery and professional advice.

INFORMATION: The Medical Centre is reopening by appointment from today (20.04)


Location: Vale do Lobo Resort Entrance
Timetable: Monday - Friday | 09:00h - 18:00h
Tel.: (+ 351) 289 353 433
Emergency and out-of-hours: (+351) 917 214 326

Services provided

A 24 hour medical service
nd a wide range of specialist
doctors are available.

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& Medical Staff

The team of specialists,
by appointment, include a
dental surgeon, gynaecologist, ophthalmologist, cardiologist, cosmetic and plastic surgeon.

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The Comprehensive Premium Health Check

Invest in your health:
Prepare for your future today with the experts at the Vale do Lobo Medical Centre!

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Dental Clinic

A modern, comprehensive and state of the art dental clinic is available at the Vale do Lobo Medical Centre, headed by
Drª Dina Martins.


Services Provided


  • General Practice and Family Medicine​
  • 24-hour emergency medical service & house visits
  • Co-operation with private hospitals
  • Specialist Consultations
    We cover most specialist areas and many of our consultants are leading doctors. We provide comprehensive medical check-ups tailored to your individual needs.
    Holidays can be the perfect time to fit in that all-important annual check-up. Tests can be scheduled around your holiday timetable and the results will include a detailed health action plan to keep you in top form, throughout the year.


  • Cosmetic Medicine
    - Cosmetic consultation
    - Removal of cysts and unsightly skin lesions
    - Botox injections
    - Wrinkle filler injections
    - Wide spectrum of cosmetic surgical procedures
    - Cosmetic dentistry and tooth whitening
  • The “Dr. Kaiser Cure” Programme
    A comprehensive lifestyle programme that enables you to achieve your individual health, weight and fitness goals over one or two week periods; perfect for during holiday time. This excellent programme includes the “Chrono Diet”, which helps you lose weight, even while you sleep!

Specialities & Medical Staff

The team around Dr. Kaiser & Associated specialists and practitioners


Speciality Doctor
Director of the Clinic &
Specialist in General and Family Medicine
Dr. Thomas Kaiser
Founder partner & General Practitioner Dr. Robin Thomson
Cardiologist Prof. José Baptista
Vascular Surgeon Dr. Augusto Ministro
Gynaecologist Dr. Holger Duesmann
Ophthalmologist Dr. Alen Sulzbacher
Dental Surgeon Dr. Dina Martins
Internal Medicine Dr. Luis Pereira
Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon Dr. Nigel Carver
Counsellor Dr. Chris Thomas
General Practitioner Dr. Anna Heleen Kampfraath
Nurse-Midwife Mrs. Karen Morgan
Practice Manager Julie Henderson

... the following services are also provided:

  • ECG
  • Stress test
  • 24hr Blood pressure test
  • 24hr Holter
  • Medical Health check-ups
  • Blood tests, incl. INR
  • Filler & Botox treatments
  • Physiotherapist (at the Vale do Lobo Royal Spa)
  • Home nursing services

The Comprehensive Premium Health Check

Invest in your health: Prepare for your future today

Prepare for your future today with the new Comprehensive Premium Health Check from the experts at the Vale do Lobo Medical Centre.

Everyone has heard the expression that prevention is better than cure and the Comprehensive Premium Health Check at the Medical Centre in Vale do Lobo makes it easier than ever before to invest in your health and prepare for tomorrow.

Unfortunately illness can occur to anyone but there are many common illnesses that can be detected early and treated most effectively if a preventative health care plan is in place.

The experts at the Medical Centre in Vale do Lobo, in association with the prestigious private Hospital Particular do Algarve in Faro, are able to carry out an extensive health check in just one day.

The Comprehensive Premium Health Check is the most sophisticated and comprehensive check-up you could imagine and includes an in-depth blood screening, a cardiac assessment, MRI scan of the brain (including blood vessels) and abdomen, a CT scan of the lungs and ultrasound scan of the carotid vessels and the pelvis.

There are also mammograms and bone density scans available specifically for women.

While the Comprehensive Premium Health Check is extensive in its tests the price for the service is exceptionally competitive at €1,650 and the entire programme has been designed to fit in around a beach session or a round of golf making it an easy part of any short break or holiday in Vale do Lobo.

Invest in your health care today and prepare for a healthier future with the Comprehensive Premium Health Check.

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