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Vale do Lobo Algarve has long been synonymous with making its clients feel truly unique and special, striving to always deliver the very best through its philosophy of “treasuring life”. 

A year-round family destination, a sporting haven, a golfer’s paradise, an impressive investment and a cultural reference, the list is endless. 

One thing is for sure, once visited, always to return… 


Vale do Lobo welcomes families, couples and groups, and the greeting is always warm, open and generous. Guests feel at home in the memorable resort, where life-long friendships blossom, and where lasting impressions are formed. 

"Discover a place where life is meant to be precious..."

It is no secret that Vale do Lobo promotes, and more importantly achieves, a lifestyle experience unlike any other resort of its kind, masterfully bringing together people of all nationalities and ages, to enjoy a host of activities, events and facilities within a safe and friendly environment.

Golf, beach, tennis, swimming pools, restaurants, bar, concerts and sporting and cultural events complement outstanding villas and apartments.

Everything you ever wished for becomes a reality each day!



Vale do Lobo is located on Portugal´s central Algarve coastline in an area of unspoilt natural beauty with year round sunshine and a rich local history.

It is hard not to surrender to the charm of the breathtaking shoreline location, with facilities and services all only a short distance from the sea and the stunning 2km beach. 



Fully integrated services


Vale do Lobo Algarve is a self-contained community offering endless facilities and services in a unique location.

Explore all of the different areas from the heart of the resort at the Parque do Golfe, complete with Vale do Lobo Shopping, the Wellness centre and Clubhouse, or soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the shops, restaurants and bars in the bustling beachfront Praça.




The Vale do Lobo Ocean and Royal Golf Courses await you.

Two of Europe’s most recognised courses invite you to practise your favourite sport, with all of the tranquillity that nature can offer, as the sublime greens run alongside the coast to create some of the most iconic golfing holes not only in the Algarve but in the world.


Luxury Villas & Apartments


Stylish, contemporary architecture complements the organic personality of the resort, which has been shaped to blend effortlessly into the indigenous landscape of the region’s natural beauty, flanked by golden coastline and a nature reserve.

Villas and apartments combine impressive design, luxurious features and a welcoming atmosphere for property owners and visitors.


Vale do Lobo community spirit 

A core ingredient to the success of Vale do Lobo Algarve is its strong community spirit and the diversity of families that live within the resort. 

Vale do Lobo is unique in the sense that it caters for all ages with something for everyone, and this has in turn earned the resort the enviable reputation of being an all-round family resort.

Memorable experiences that include the entire community make Vale do Lobo a truly special place shared by the resort community and celebrated together throughout the years.

Several events and special occasions take place throughout the year with the traditional Vale do Lobo Summer Party being a highlight of the social calendar,  last held on 10th August during a magical evening shared with Property Owners and specially invited guests: 


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