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Aquatherapy Class

Classes temporarily interrupted, they will return soon. 

This month, we’re excited to announce the start of the first ever Aquatic Therapy classes in the Royal Spa pool, run by a professional physiotherapist. Classes will start on the 4th of March and will take place every Wednesday at 10:30am. 

Our Aquatherapy Class consists of an exercise program ingroup performed in the water pool under the supervision of a physiotherapist. It is a beneficial form of therapy useful for a variety of medical conditions. Aquatherapy uses the physical properties of water to assists in body healing and exercise performance. Swimming is not a prerequisite skill. Individuals can perform each exercise while standing in the water, holding onto the side of the pool, or using a flotation device. The water provides a safe and effective method for healing injuries, restoring self- confidence and increasing mobility with each completed exercise.

Come and try them and start feeling the exceptional benefits of this new, exciting venture at Vale do Lobo!

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