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Positive market trends

Already 2017 is proving to be a positive year for the real estate industry in Portugal and Vale do Lobo is reflecting the growth in the market with an increase in clients and contacts, all keen to learn more about the properties and plots available for sale in the resort.

While there may be instability in other parts of the world, Portugal has been bucking the trend with exceptionally positive economic indicators, including a growth rate in the third quarter of last year which was the highest in the entire European Union.

The combination of a constantly improving economic climate, with favourable tax conditions for property owners, continues to make Portugal a haven for those looking to invest in low risk real estate with the potential for high long term returns.

Vale do Lobo is the longest established resort of its kind in Portugal, and as such offers an extra level of reassurance to buyers and sellers in the resort, who know that we continue to work ahead of market trends to provide the very best conditions and thanks to this we have already completed a number of property sales recently and are now actively working on new property listings to add to our exclusive real estate portfolio.

With such positive indicators, 2017 is looking at being the ideal time to explore the real estate market in Portugal and to invest in exclusive apartments, plots and villas within the resort.