Simple Time (Express Facial)

A harmonious ritual designed to enjoy the simplicity of unique care.

Returning radiance and shine to your skin.

40 Minutes* • €72

Only You (Customized Facial)

Mostly indicated to a first facial, can also be personalized for either a sensitive or an oily skin. To offer you a perfect harmony this tailored treatment gives you a natural hydration, balance and smoothness to the cutaneous tissue, offering you a profound wellbeing sensation.

50 Minutes* • €98

Hydra GER (Skin Hydration)

A treatment that seeks the pure pleasure of hydrated skin.

Radiant treatment that accelerates epidermal cell renewal making your skin fresh and luminous.

50 Minutes* • €98

Skin Clair (Skin Blemishes)

A treatment that restores radiance to hyperpigmented skin.

The skin is cleansed and stimulated with innovative techniques that improve the uniformity of your face, achieving a treated and cared look.

50 Minutes* • €98

Lux Antiaging

Anti-aging treatment, reducing wrinkles and fine lines on the face. Optimizes cell regeneration, creating firmer and more rejuvenated face contours.

65 Minutes* • €124

Pure Gold Lifting / Firming 

Excellent treatment to fight the signs of aging and flaccidity.

Its marine and mineral elements associated with a strong firming action will leave your skin with a new vitality.

80 Minutes • €134


Ultra Calming Facial (Sensitive Skin) 

The Ultra Calming facial combines the restorative properties of certified organic Irish seaweed with carefully selected natural active ingredients to help calm, soothe and desensitize reactive skin.

By its very nature, seaweed is suitable for the treatment of sensitive skin due to its naturally soothing, healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

50 Minutes • €98


Organic Deluxe Facial Experience

This luscious treatment begins with an exfoliation followed by a wraparound back massage.

It combines antioxidant complex, seaweed, pro-collagen and other organicingredients that help control aging signs, as well as hydrating and firming the skin.

80 Minutes • €134


Black/White Spots Extraction (Option)

+10 Minutes • + €10


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