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Oxygen Anti-Ageing Facial 

A regenerating face ritual that combines the most advanced worldwide patented formula by Karin Herzog, the oxygen therapy and the vitamin A. It acts with a soft action, but has the effectiveness of fruit enzymes such as orange, tangerine, grapefruit and grape.
The result is perfection: hydrated and vitamin enriched skin, visibly renewed, firm, light and with a satin texture. An effect of natural lifting, works even in the sensible skins.

70 Minutes* • €130

Oxygen Purifying Facial

Targeting skin’s problems such as acne, this ritual ensures maximum efficiency. Through a specific oxygenation, this treatment deeply cleanses and detoxifies the skin relieving it from impurities and bacteria, rebalancing the natural oil production.

The skin recovers its capacity of cellular oxygenation, the freshness and homogeneity lost. The benefits of oxygen in all it's splendour.

70 Minutes* • €105

Oxygen Chocolate Facial

An exclusive oxygenating and hydrating treatment for all skin types.

Combines anti-oxidant properties of the chocolate and the oxygen benefits. The skin is nourished with vitamins and minerals with exceptional results: deep hydration and capacity for cell renewal.

A sweet pleasure that awakes your senses.

70 Minutes* • €105

Oxigen Deep Cleansing Facial

The most complete deep cleansing facial ritual. So effective that
combines the extraction of impurities, the oxygenation and
detoxifying of any skin type.

For a light, toned and cleansed skin.

85 Minutes* • €120

Quick & Beautiful

A cleansing mini facial, ideal to quickly restore brightness, elasticity and oxygenation to the most tired and damaged skins.

Using facial pressure point techniques, and a serious combination of essential oil of rose, glycolic acid and oxygen, the skin will quickly became clean and oxygenated.

40 Minutes* • €70

Ultra Calming Facial (Sensitive Skin) 

The Ultra Calming facial combines the restorative properties of certified organic Irish seaweed with carefully selected natural active ingredients to help calm, soothe and desensitize reactive skin.

By its very nature, seaweed is suitable for the treatment of sensitive skin due to its naturally soothing, healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

50 Minutes • €95


Organic Deluxe Facial Experience

This luscious treatment begins with an exfoliation followed by a wraparound back massage.

It combines antioxidant complex, seaweed, pro-collagen and other organicingredients that help control aging signs, as well as hydrating and firming the skin.

80 Minutes • €130


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