Man Facial (Skin Hydration)

Treatment for skin with signs of stress.

The active ingredients used will accelerate hydration and regeneration, giving new energy to male skin.

50 Minutes* • €97

L’Homme by GER (Antiaging Facial)

Revitalizing treatment, reducing the signs of wrinkles that hydrates and nourishes in depth, restoring your skin’s radiance and tone.

The perfect combination of actives that leave your skin smooth and velvety.

65 Minutes* • €112

GER Body Arôme Ritual

A complete body ritual that includes a peeling of salt with essential oil of Indian Verbena followed by an aromatic massage that indulges you in a deep relaxation.

100 Minutes* • €193

Salt Peeling with Indian Verbena

Purified and crystallized salt exfoliation ritual that contains essential oil of Verbena from India that transforms into a deeply relaxing experience, promoting a nourished and purified skin.

50 Minutes* • €90

Simple Time (Express Facial)

A harmonious ritual designed to enjoy the simplicity of unique care.

Returning radiance and shine to your skin.

40 Minutes • €79

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